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June 03
Free Model #15 – Kila + LODs + Rig + Dynamics
No Comments Free Stuff

I thought it was about time I uploaded another freebie for you all, and this one was just begging to be added to the list. If you […]

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December 20
Free Model #14 – Reaper Rig
One Comment Free Stuff

Seeing as its almost Christmas I thought I would give away another model and rig, and again the guys at 3DWorld have generously allowed me to share […]

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October 31
More Free Stuff!
No Comments Free Stuff

It seems like ages since I updated my blog, but i`ve been beavering away working on more cool stuff and tutorials for you guys. I thought, while […]

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July 27
Free Model #13 – Car Model
No Comments Free Stuff

Its been a while since I posted any freebies but I hope its worth the wait. The guys over at 3DWorld recently granted me permission to share […]

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December 15
Free Stuff #12 – Book Downloads
One Comment Free Stuff, Tutorials, Writing

Well, its almost Christmas so I thought I would compile all the free and bonus chapters for my books in one place for you to download. These include full […]

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September 21
My Top Game Modeling Tips
One Comment Free Stuff, GameArt, Tutorials, Writing

Back in May 3DWorld published my first set of “Top Tips” in issue 144 of their magazine.  These tips were focused on creating game models and achieving […]

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September 20
Free Stuff #11 – Simple MEL
No Comments Free Stuff, General, MEL

I thought it was about time I uploaded something to my site, something that you guys could use and maybe develop? Well, rather than a model or […]

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May 18
Removing Alpha Shadows in Maya
4 Comments Free Stuff, Tutorials

This is a small tip, but one I used to suffer from a long time ago…Who knew the solution was so simple? When using textures with alpha […]

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May 16
New Rigging Tutorial
No Comments Free Stuff, Rigging, Tutorials

Over the weekend I finally completed and uploaded the rigging tutorial I had been promising for a long time now. This involved making a previously written tutorial […]

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